Announcement: PATHFINDER’s first White Paper

PATHFINDER’s first White Paper: “How to do Sustainable Development Right: The Case for the Social Enterprise”

Have you ever found yourself in a passionate discussion about what works in our global systems, and what doesn’t? Do you ever get frustrated with the state of the world, and wonder why we can’t do better? Do you ever wonder why not-for profit agencies seem slow to evolve with the times? These were some of the questions that would eventually lead to our first white paper. These are also the questions that would lead to PATHFINDER.

We’ve spoken often about how we began PATHFINDER to challenge the models of international development that don’t work, and replace them with those that do. First though, we needed to study. A lot. This paper is a byproduct of that study.

In this paper, we contend that social entrepreneurship is a far better — and infinitely more promising — response to the calls for global sustainable development. We lay out where not-for-profit organizations fall short, and how for-profit social enterprises deliver. And we make a bold call to action for the industry to change.

With this paper, we would love to start a meaningful discussion. We would love for this to inspire collaboration. And we look forward to any opportunities the publishing of our paper creates.

Releasing on May 7th, and introduced by Canada’s most influential impact investor and visionary, Joel Solomon, look out for “How to do Sustainable Development Right: The Case for the Social Enterprise.”


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