PATHFINDER strategically collaborates with partners to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. Partners may be academic institutions, social entrepreneurs and multinational organizations, policymakers, and other experts in global development. 

As we’ve recognized from the beginning that systemic change would be crucial to achieving the SDGs. So, we built a trilateral model to partner with key industry actors to deliver lasting impact.

Key Services

Social Enterprise & Business

Our impact consulting services include strategy and management consulting, enterprise evaluation, project management and more. Engagements include workshops, case studies and fieldwork, implementation, reporting.


We partner with academia and business to develop and deliver educational programmes that promote the study of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. 

Policy Makers

We work with policymakers and experts to research and develop policies that align with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Public Speaking

We advocate on a variety of topics including: social entrepreneurship, sustainability, systemic change, economic and civic engagement, women in leadership, youth empowerment, equality and human rights.