PATHFINDER is pleased to announce a new partnership with CIYOTA.

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“COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa’s (CIYOTA) mission is to improve the lives of young people through functional education, socially responsible leadership and social entrepreneurship activities. CIYOTA has established various programs within Kyangwali refugee settlement camp in Uganda to address critical challenges faced by the refugee community such as poverty, violence, disease and insufficient access to quality and functional education.”

CIYOTA focus on three main activities: delivering primary and secondary education to youth, university guidance and women’s empowerment, and community work and involvement.

Most recently, CIYOTA has expanded to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to help educate children and youth, build communities, and enable entrepreneurs with relevant skills. DRC “is the big country with big problems but also big potential. For 134 years Congo has gone through slavery, assassination, dictatorship and decades of wars. This resulted into 6 million people killed in cold blood and hundreds of women raped. Congo never got a chance to build strong institutions.”

CIYOTA is the incredibly successful passion project of our friend, Bahati Kanyamaza, a former child soldier and refugee himself. We met Bahati a few years ago, and he told us about the story of refugees who grew up in the camps of central Africa, only to one day rescue others from a similar fate.

Bahati and his partners swore to change the world around them. And for so many children and youth, they have!



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