Relief Mission to Help Syrian Children: From the Unexpected to the Unforgettable

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Our mission to the refugee camps along the Western Syrian border (with Lebanon) was not without its ups and downs. We set out to raise a modest amount to be able to buy and deliver critical supplies for the children most affected by the Syrian war.

While the mission was simple in theory, it turned out to be far more complicated than that in reality. Shivani was detained for several hours in Beirut, and eventually denied entry without just cause. She was re-routed to Cairo, where she was able to get the mission back on track.

We were relieved to have exceeded our goal by reaching over 500 children, including the well known orphans recently evacuated from Aleppo. More details are expected over the next few months. There just remained one loose end: about 75 lbs of hand wrapped gifts brought over from Canada. So on New Year’s Day, Shivani decided to visit the Awladi Orphanages in Cairo, and distribute the goodies to their youngest children.

The children’s reactions were so delightful. They were overjoyed, appreciative and downright adorable. It was such a pleasure to have been able to bring these children even a few moments’ worth of cheer!

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