Humanitarian Relief Mission for Syrian Children: Our estimated reach is ~500 children!

After a turbulent start, our mission is back on track with an estimated reach of about 500 children!


From the very start, our mission to the refugee camps along the Western Syrian border (with Lebanon) has been a chaotic one. With only a few weeks to organize an entire humanitarian aid mission to reach child refugees from Syria, we experienced many ups and downs throughout this short journey.

That said, the support from local organizations and the generosity of our donors has been absolutely wonderful.

When Shivani encountered troubles while trying to enter Lebanon to reach these camps, we were quite disheartened. With a perfectly legal and authorized entry, Shivani was detained in Beirut for over 5 hours. She was then escorted on a plane to Cairo, where she is now. Fortunately, she is safe and sound and alternate plans have been made to get the gifts and supplies to the children we set out to help.

The good news: our estimated reach is about 500 children, including the 70 orphans evacuated from Aleppo. Our aid will directly go to these orphans in Syria. With the help of our incredible local team and contacts, Shivani is able to coordinate everything from Cairo and we are ever so grateful for it.

Stay tuned for more updates on our mission. In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy New Year, and we thank you again for your continued support!

One thought on “Humanitarian Relief Mission for Syrian Children: Our estimated reach is ~500 children!

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