New York’s first Impact Innovation Conference is Here!

By Shivani Singh

A Socent’s Experience at Impact Bazaar

I recently attended Impact Bazaar, the first of its kind by Impact Hub in New York City. I wasn’t sure what sort of conference I was signing up for, exactly. There wasn’t much information online and the event was scheduled to last over two months. But not only did I find the experience to be useful, engaging and fun, I also found it difficult to leave at the end of my two weeks there!

About Impact Hub NYC

Impact Hub NYC is a subsidiary of MissionHUB, the organization responsible for the hugely popular SOCAP series. Over time, MissionHUB has established Impact Hubs in San Francisco, Berkeley, New York, DC and Philadelphia, and they exist to “support social entrepreneurs and impact investors in building sustainable businesses that drive long-term social and environmental change.”

Impact Hub NYC is a certified B Corporation. It’s “a coworking & events space for a community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.”

Impact Bazaar: The Event

Impact Hub NYC’s Impact Bazaar was well attended. There were organizations big and small, from around the country and a few from further away. It was a close and informal setting for the most part. And it was always cheerful. But what really set Impact Bazaar apart from other such conferences is the fact that it was so accessible. Admission was only $10/day and it bought access to most events, the work space, and good, fair-trade, coffee. Lunches, a range of ethically made products, and specialized engagements were available for sale.

Throughout the event, there were a variety of meetings, presentations and workshops by experienced, committed professionals. In general, there was this unmistakable sense of camaraderie. Everyone involved seemed genuinely dedicated to being helpful. Certainly, the opportunities for intimate networking were impressive.

My own favorite part of the conference was the people. I met (and learned much from) some great people at Impact Bazaar. These people were full of helpful expertise, contagious energy, and promise for the future we have the power to create, together.

What’s Next?

Since this was the first such conference, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I suspect this will become an annual thing, where lessons learned along the way will be applied for bigger and better events. Over time, I have no doubt that more participants and impressive names will join the roster. What I’d love though, is for this unique, open and accessible culture of Impact Hub NYC’s to thrive.


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