Shivani Singh

Shivani has grown up around the world, having lived in five countries and travelled seventeen. She comes from a humble background and was raised to value education, hard work and integrity with the highest regard. She left home for boarding school at the young age of ten and has been independent since. Shivani has achieved everything she needed to on her own, laboring through with the help of several jobs, scholarships and diligence. She grew up wanting to ensure her family were settled before she completed her own education and established herself in New York City’s tough and competitive Financial Industry. Since Shivani was barely a teenager however, she has dreamed of helping to create a better world for all, especially those who are most vulnerable. Having addressed her greatest responsibilities and proven herself as an accomplished woman, Shivani is now working to realize her greatest dreams.

Shivani prides herself a citizen of the world and is passionately engaged in its affairs. Her enthusiasm coupled with the education and skills she has acquired through her experiences have enabled her to become a strong candidate for success: one with passion, experience and fortitude to offer. Shivani is committed, more than anything else, to being a good human being.

Shivani is uniquely qualified for her current role as Founding Partner of PATHFINDER on account of the following reasons in particular:

  • She has a history of (and very much enjoys) extensive travels and experiences in different countries, absorbing and learning about their cultures and peoples. She is therefore quickly comfortable and fully operational in a multitude of settings.
  • She has the specific set of education and professional experiences that lends to efficiently organizing, implementing and managing large, complex projects in a global setting.
  • Through previous work and academic experiences, she has demonstrated a significant sense of responsibility and drive. She functions well as a leader when necessary and contributes effectively in collaborative team environments. She is self-motivated and welcomes challenges, as well as opportunities, to grow and develop. Also, Shivani sets high standards for herself and lets her dedication guide her in striving for excellence.
  • She has demonstrated reliability, strong analytical skills, and the ability to adapt and learn quickly. Perhaps most importantly, she demonstrated the ability to deliver uncompromising quality in the most rapid, challenging and stressful environments.
  • Shivani is a passionate and strong communicator and is varyingly functional with six languages, including three scripts.