We’d like to offer our help

We want to offer PATHFINDER’s support. Being small business owners ourselves, we are acutely aware of how difficult the current circumstances are. And indeed, we are in this together. So, we’ve decided to help by offering what we do best. 
What’s that?
We are offering free strategy, management and project consulting, and business advice, for up to three hours per organization, for the next few months. 
How does that work?
If you’d like to speak with a consultant about any strategy or management concerns you have, the co-founders of PATHFINDER will work through them with you, and offer high level recommendations. If you have business-related concerns or ideas that you’d like to run by a professional, we’ll be happy to discuss them, analyzing and concluding together, the best way forward. 
Who might this be useful for?
If you are a social entrepreneur, an academic, or a policy maker in the global development field, and you need to run your professional concerns by us, we’re here to help!
Who are we?
PATHFINDER is a Certified B Corp, that consults with Business, Academia and Policy for innovative solutions in Sustainable Development.
How do I take you up on this offer?

Simple: send us a note here and we’ll get in touch with you.

2 thoughts on “We’d like to offer our help

  1. Hi Jessica and Shivani!

    It’s your old friend Ben here. We were in touch when I was working on Commonstake and Scalechange but now I”m all about Healers , which I also consider a social venture.

    Our simple mission is “to expand the options of people feeling stuck in regard to healing.” We have a magazine – 6 issues deep – and a social network. We also have innovative ways of reducing the cost of care and are even working on a holistic cryptocurrency that will complement mainstream health insurance.

    The only problem is that it’s been almost 3 years and we’re still pre-profitable, which means we might as well be a nonprofit. Beforing throwing in the towel on the for-profit model, I’m going to listen to others’ ideas. I’ve taken the platform as far as I can with my own ideas; I know there are plenty of improvements to be made, but they’re beyond me – especially since I’m so busy managing everything except web dev.

    I don’t trust many professional acquaintances to advise me but since two of my peers whom I respect the most are offering this inspired opportunity, I knew I had to respond.

    What do you think?

    Many thanks, Ben

  2. Hi Ben,

    It’s great to hear from you! We hope you’re keeping well during this challenging time. Your work sounds exciting and we’d be happy to help. Please email Jess at jessica@pathfindersocent.com on how to proceed.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Jess & Shivani

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