PATHFINDER Makes Exciting Progress!

Our website alone has reached hundreds of people from around the world!

WE’VE been operational for about nine months now.

And we’ve come a long way. In addition to the many entrepreneurial tasks of setting up a new business, we’ve had lots of training in relevant subjects ranging from marketing to investor relations and development finance. We’ve had discussions with various experts, all of whom were incredibly helpful, positive and encouraging. We’ve begun partnering with impressive people and organizations. We’ve been published a lot and interest continues to grow steadily.

We’ve even received feedback from Ashoka’s Changemakers, noting our strengths to be our “Idea Originality, Team, and Understanding of Marketplace”. Their experts assessed that we have “good aspiration and an interesting idea”, and “a great ambition with this endeavor.”

We’ve often heard people remark that aside from our compelling work, we have an undeniable passion, infectious energy, and that we seem to be well ahead of the curve.

Based on our progress markers, our R&D, and on our outreach, it seems like we are on the right track; that’s all the motivation we need to continue to strive towards game-changing success!

What we’re up to NOW

Shivani is currently in New York City, where PATHFINDER was invited to participate in the Impact Bazaar. She’ll be meeting with experts, investors and academics alike. If any of you are in the area and want to connect, give her a shout out here.

Jess is currently completing the World Bank’s course, ‘Financing for Development’, that we were invited to attend with professionals from nearly 200 countries around the world. This unique course focuses on the United Nation’s new Sustainable Development Goals, and what’s required to achieve them.

And finally, PATHFINDER is proud to announce a cool, new pilot project: Agri-Cycle from Namibia. Agri-Cycle is an agribusiness startup run by three Namibians who have an excellent, locally-sourced, sustainable and scalable plan to convert organic waste into potent protein to use as fodder and such, 100% of which is currently imported. There are actually several national and regional uses for their model which we will introduce on our website soon. With the inclusion of this project, PATHFINDER now has a portfolio to help launch profitable local businesses in Nepal, India and Namibia, covering the social sectors of education, economic independence, equality, sanitation, agriculture and the environment. That’s a portfolio of work we cannot wait to get started on!

What’s NEXT

We are at the leading end of a great movement. There is so much potential in what we have planned through our pilot projects. Many people can be employed in their own communities. Many great problems can be solved through existing creative, sustainable and scalable solutions. Resources can be connected to requirements. Powerful partnerships can be formed for compelling, profitable work around the world. And these powerful teams will slowly change the way the world comes together.

But first, WE NEED YOU. We are featured on Fundable (by as their first ever social enterprise! Our services are also detailed here; have a look and help spread our message! Let’s come together and do something amazing.

Let’s change the world together!


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