Making Sense of Senseless Acts

Paris Tragedies: Thoughts and Next Steps

At a time when many people are reflecting upon the recent tragedies in Paris and elsewhere, our friend, France’s Solène of Creators for Good, eloquently describes how these events have affected us all. We decided to share her thoughts with you here:

The events in Paris last Friday have affected us all. The victims. Their friends and families. All those who live in those neighborhoods, in Paris, in the Ile-de-France region, in France. The French people living abroad, like me. The people who have lived in Paris as expats, or visited it as tourists. And also beyond a nation, all those who recognize themselves in the values of freedom, of human equality, of friendship and brotherhood. Of humanity.

And that is A LOT of people.

As a French person living abroad, it is so strange to witness such event. You feel so close and so far at the same time. So lost.

Because you see, back when I was a business school student, I used to live Rue Bichat (where one of the 7 shootings happened).

I used to go out with my friends in those streets, have drinks on those terraces, enjoy those little not-too-expensive restaurants. I used to LOVE the mixity of this neighborhood, with people from many backgrounds, origins, religions, believes, sexual orientations, political views. Living all together peacefully. Enjoying food, drinks, music, sport.

It still doesn’t make any sense, why one would want to target that.

Who can possibly think/hope this can ever die?

I have been moved by all the compassionate reactions all around the world. Moved by the demonstrations of grief here in my city, Istanbul.

I also have been chocked by some reactions – taking advantages of those events to spread racist or complotist theories. Questioning the world’s compassion. The innocence of the innocent.

As if the horror was not enough, and stupidity had to speak out too.

It is our responsibility not to divide eachother. Not to fall in their trap. Not to enter this vicious circle.

It is our responsibility to stay open to those who are different from us. To preserve freedom. To continue enjoying life. To do exactly what we are expected to be “too afraid” to do.

Now what?

This morning, it was really hard to get back to my computer and start my week. During the weekend, I removed the posts I had planned for today, and decided to postpone my traditional Monday video newsletter.

What I had prepared last week simply doesn’t fit with my mood at all.

On the other hand, I don’t want my actions to be affected after this mourning period.

I believe creating a positive impact in the world, using one’s skills at their fullest, and changing others’ lives positively has never been more important.

Let’s take action. Create change. For good.

I know many of you – in Creators for Good community – are creating positive solutions. Providing world-changing services. Selling sustainable products.

Whatever the cause – woman empowerment, education access, unemployment diminution, sustainable production, or else – our value-driven actions are the solution.

Continue to create sustainable solutions. Continue inspiring others with your vision. For good.

I am so proud and happy to be part of this movement with you, and cannot wait to see it grow.

Créer est le seul moyen de vivre encore – Jean Cocteau
Creating is the only way to continue living – Jean Cocteau (French poet, drawer, artist and filmmaker)

Founder of Creators for Good.

Thank you Solène, for sharing with us. We strongly agree that we must all continue to do good, now more than ever, in honor of those we’ve lost to these senseless acts of abhorrent violence.

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