Enabling not aiding: a solution to the non-profit brain drain

By Jessica van Thiel

We are different from most consultancies in the way that our model operates. Our intention is to enable social entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources and funding they need to be able to focus entirely on their organizations and causes; because the current model that most non-profit organizations use is just not sustainable.

Too often professionals with a great deal of expertise and education are expected to work for very little or on a voluntary bases (in many cases). This of course is not sustainable and the result is a high turnover of staff, the abandonment of projects and in many cases the closure of the organization.

We aim to prove that our innovative model of operations will address these greatest known industry shortcomings and will tackle them head on by enabling (not aiding) promising local social entrepreneurs and by engaging only sustainable and scalable operations.

By the end of 2016, our objective is to make great strides. The direct impact will be seen at the ‘grass roots’ level through our pilot projects. Supporting the education of school children in Nepal, and the creation of jobs for rural women in India will be the tangible results seen right from the start.

However, raising funds is tough and raising funds where it is unlikely to make a massive return on investment right away, or where there isn’t a cool new gadget to grab, is even tougher. We are a social enterprise and “social entrepreneurship” is a relatively new, developing trend.

Much work is yet to be done to discover the amazing benefits of running socially responsible and economically sustainable organizations. But at PATHFINDER we are confident that over time, our model will prove to be successful and demonstrating of enormous potential!