What We Do

PATHFINDER provides creative solutions to enable the world’s most vulnerable through a three-pronged approach: by simultaneously influencing academics, policy, and social entrepreneurship. Our vision is to enable local social entrepreneurs so that they may provide for themselves, their families and their communities. We enable them through crucial strategy and management consulting solutions. We work to engage financial opportunities with these social entrepreneurs, thereby connecting resources to much needed requirements, efficiently. Knowing that these isolated services are not enough on their own, we also contribute to academic enrichment, and we advocate for policy changes.

While we are eager to work with a multitude of internationally accepted causes, our primary focus is on perpetuating creative solutions to protect and enable the world’s most vulnerable.

We are committed to working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. While all of our current projects have objectives that align with one or more Goals, we are dedicated to the overarching agenda of realizing global human rights, achieving gender equality, and peace and security for all.

I. Consulting

Consulting with Local Social Entrepreneurs: We may be understood best as highly specialized consultants. We engage financial organizations and impact investors, including venture capitalists, private equity firms and CSR departments who are committed to making a social impact via sustainable, scalable and profitable business models, and we connect them to local social entrepreneurs with demonstrably … Continue reading I. Consulting

II. Academics

Contributing to Academia: Social Entrepreneurship being an important but fairly recent trend, currently lacks study and documentation. We work with educational institutions and students to reverse this scarcity of information. We do so by participating in lectures, discussions and workshops to help understand the great potential of social entrepreneurship. Finally, we record and publish our … Continue reading II. Academics

III. Policy

Influencing Policy: By all accounts, there is a large gap between the experts in the field and those who impact policy. Policy makers find that they do not have the relevant grassroots and academic information to implement solutions that have proven successful, sustainable and scalable results. We use our experiences and specific expertise to fill … Continue reading III. Policy