What We Do

PATHFINDER creates scalable, sustainable and innovative solutions with social entrepreneurs through crucial strategy and management consulting. With business owners, we also work to optimally engage financial opportunities, connecting resources to requirements. We work with academic institutions on research, course and workshop development. And we advocate for policy changes.


From academics to social entrepreneurs and policy makers, we approach every client in a unique way. We seek to truly understand their vision and objectives, and provide bespoke solutions to meet their requirements.

Specifically, we work with clients to:

  • Create scalable and sustainable businesses that deliver both, profit and purpose
  • Explore impact investing and sustainable financing options
  • Remove redundancies between investor and social entrepreneur
  • Develop and facilitate workshop and course material on social entrepreneurship
  • Develop and facilitate workshops on how to change business models from non-profit to for-profit
  • Provide documentation and material for audits, research and analysis
  • Deliver lectures and speaking engagements
  • Conduct policy analysis and consulting

I. Consulting

We engage financial organizations and impact investors, including venture capitalists, private equity firms and CSR departments who are committed to making a social impact via sustainable, scalable and profitable business models, and we connect them to local social entrepreneurs with demonstrably compelling ideas that need financing and direction. We provide lasting strategy and management consulting by way of relationship governance and business education among other facets of leadership and guidance.

II. Academia

Social Entrepreneurship being an important industry, currently lacks substantial study and documentation. We work with academic institutions to reverse this scarcity of information and analysis. We do so by developing and implementing course material and by participating in lectures and workshops to help understand the great potential of social entrepreneurship.

III. Policy

There is a large gap between the experts in the field and those who impact policy. Policy makers find that they do not have the relevant grassroots and academic information to implement solutions that have proven successful, sustainable and scalable results. We use our experience and expertise to fill this gap, having access to both the field and the classroom.