We’ve selected a few projects that we have come to know as viable investment opportunities. Each of these projects align with one or more Sustainable Development Goals. If any of these might be of interest, let’s discuss working together!

sdg-7For Sustainable Agriculture & Energy

Agri-Cycle Namibia

Agri-Cycle Namibia is a start-up company owned by three young Namibian Entrepreneurs who are pioneers in the agribusiness sector. The company provides solutions to environmental issues faced by Namibians, the Namibian Environment, Agriculture and Aquaculture Sectors. They strive to make a difference in Namibia’s development, by creating an industry very few have even thought about: the industry of Nutrient Recycling.

They are developing locally-sourced, sustainable and scalable solutions to convert organic waste into potent protein to use as fodder, 100% of which Namibia currently imports. There are  several national and regional uses for their model.

Hear them speak on the radio about their work.

For Education, Gender Equality & Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions



COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa’s (CIYOTA) mission is to improve the lives of young people through functional education, socially responsible leadership and social entrepreneurship activities. CIYOTA has established various programs within Kyangwali refugee settlement camp in Uganda, to address critical challenges faced by the refugee community, such as poverty, violence, disease, and insufficient access to quality and functional education.

They focus on three main activities: delivering primary and secondary education to youth, university guidance, and women’s empowerment, community work and involvement.

CIYOTA have recently expanded operations in DRC, with a focus on education, community building and entrepreneurship

See some of what they do.

For Educationsdg-10sdg-4

World Pathfinder Children’s Fund Inc. and Pathfinder Nepal

World Pathfinder Children’s Fund Inc. is a Canadian corporation and the international support channel for their founding entity, Pathfinder Nepal. Both Pathfinder Nepal and the World Pathfinder Children’s Fund are not-for-profit organizations; Pathfinder Nepal assists children with educational subsidies in the Nepalese villages around the Pokhara valley.

At the operational level, the organization regularly visits the schoolmasters and reviews the recent list of impoverished children forced to drop out of school, they also visit affected children and their families. If a family wishes for a child to continue attending school, the organization provides the tuition and other support such as clothing, school supplies and proper nourishment. Once Pathfinder Nepal provides assistance to a child, they continue supporting the child until graduation or when the family no longer requires their assistance.

Hear them speak on the radio about their work.