For Academia

We work with academic institutions to create awareness, educate and mainstream the study of social entrepreneurship. We develop and implement course and programme material. We also facilitate workshops and participate in lectures and discussions groups.

We are currently partnered with The University of Surrey’s Surrey Business School.

For Policy

We are working on programs for the ongoing global refugee crisis. These are expected to be public/private partnerships. The goals of these programs include critical components like economic independence, education, social and cultural immersion.


Services are vast and varied, including strategy and management consulting, enterprise evaluation, and management training. Work can be conducted through a combination of online and onsite efforts. Variations such as the specifics of the involvement and the duration of the training will determine costs. Participation is entirely optimized. Each agreement is tailored to suit the needs of the enterprise. For more information, please contact us.

For Investors

Opportunities include investing for equity in PATHFINDER, or in a specific project. Variations such as the duration and involvement in the project will impact the costs and returns. Participation is entirely optimized. Each agreement is tailored to fit. For more information, please contact us.

Other Services

  • Speaking engagements, discussion group and workshop facilitation

  • Research and data collection, and analysis

  • Policy analysis and consulting