Shivani Singh and Jessica van Thiel co-founded this organization and they manage it together.

Shivani and Jessica met in Mauritius in 2012, where Jess was working with the United Nations Development Programme and reporting to Shivani’s close friend, mentor, and then UN Resident Coordinator for Mauritius and Seychelles. The women quickly became friends, sharing not only chemistry but also similar passions and goals.


Shivani Singh

Shivani has grown up around the world, having travelled and lived in several countries. She comes from a humble background and was raised to value education, hard work and integrity with the highest regard. She left home for boarding school at the young age of ten and has been independent since. Shivani has achieved everything … Continue reading Shivani Singh

Jessica Van Thiel

Having lived and worked in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, France, South Africa, Mauritius, and Belgium, Jessica truly has a vast body of international experience. Her focus is in the field of aid and development, human rights, advocacy, international security programs, communications, research and science policy. Her love of academics and interest in the field … Continue reading Jessica Van Thiel